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Join the note taking philosophy study

Read, take notes and create paths of study. 


The main focus is to study philosophy. There aren't any subscriptions, payments or certificates here.

What it offers

This website offers a unique approach to the notes taken while reading philosophy. By organising them into different paths and mind maps that help visualise patterns and better understand concepts.


The main goal is to be proactive with the books. Instead of speed reading every book. Take the time to read it, study the notes and visualise the learnings. 

Tools we use

The reason I selected them is that they are free and easy to share. 




Please use the new version of the website. Here

Start your path

This is just a recommendation on how to start your own path of studies.

1. Start reading 

Since there is no rush or deadlines in the studies, I suggest to start reading chronologically. I felt that it made a lot of sense to see how the content shifted throughout the years and how it all just felt like a conversation between great minds.

3. Digitalize it 

2. Highlight 

You are doing this for yourself so if find make sure you keep interested while reading the books. If you find something relevant, highlight it. 

4. Share it

Please use the new version of the website. Here

Digitalize all your notes to the computer and manipulate them so that you can either study them or develop them into an insight. 

There is always more to gain when things are done colectly. Share your studies so that others can work on it or give feedback on it

Please use the new version of the website. Here

My Path

This is an example of my journey until now with philosophy and note taking.

2000+ Notes

100+ Books

3 Paths

While reading and studying philosophy I have highlighted more than 2000 notes.  

10 years ago, I started reading philosophy chronologically. Until now, I have read more than 100 books, reaching right now the early modern philosophers

I organized all those notes in to three paths. By book to understand what the philosopher wrote, By Philosopher to understand what the philosophers say about each other and By topic to look for a consensus when talking about a topic


Share your work to get feedback and study others work 

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