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First 10 years


I remember the first philosophy book I have read 10 years ago. 

Finishing it was such a huge accomplishment.


After finishing that book I felt inspired to know more about who where the first philosophers and where did they came from. 


So I started organizing a huge mind map where I would track all the timelines of philosophers. To track who influenced who, from which period they where, and what books they wrote.

This took me months to finish. 


With the overview finished I started reading them. Since then it has been an obsession, whenever I have free time I am reading and studying my books.


The process of taking notes however is at a constant change.

9 years ago I used to write every note by hand. 


But soon I noted that it was inevitable that I always had to write them again on the computer, to have a better way to arrange them losing a lot of time re-writing my notes. After a couple of years of digitalizing my notes, I created huge mind maps that tracked and organized them.


Nowadays I scan the pages I have highlighted and wait until the computer transforms them into text. The notes are then organized and studied into a structure I can have easy access to here on this website.


The study part has many different approaches, one of them is mixing all my notes into groups of topics and try to understand how they talk to each other. One insight I found in this study is that when you read chronologically you are part of a conversation, the topics are always the same, the uncertainties, fears, and desires repeat themselves in each book. I share the belief that humans did not develop much mentally, we only have better tools to play with. Our emotions, morals, and questions are still the same, we still feel and think the same way as we did thousands of years from today. 


This year I have also opened the conversation to the public, so everyone that feels like speaking just enters a topic and fil the quiz. I will build a mind map as I did for the philosophers as soon as I get enough answers. It will be interesting to compare reflections made by philosophers and the public.




The creations stuff:

Sometimes I feel locked in this obsessive study I have done for thousands of hours and need a way out so I just like writing scripts or working on stories, it is my way of breathing after a deep dive.




Philosophy is my passion, this is the one constant in my life.

Feel free to talk to me or join my community.