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Me & Philosophy


I have been studying philosophy for many years as a hobby. 

Here is an overview of my journey until now:

1. Organized every philosopher by influence. (≈2015)

2. Started reading and taking notes. (2016 - Present) 

  • My note-taking process has changed a lot throughout the years. Nowadays, I am highlighting parts of the book so that later I can digitalize them with a scan app. 

  • I have always read my books chronologically, here you can find the full list of my books. 




3. Organized all my notes into mind maps for each philosopher. (2019 - Present)

  • This helps me remember the parts I found relevant for each book I have read. 

4. Create new mind maps (2020 - Present) 

  • I made this to better understand what is being said about philosophers and specific topics. 

 5. Writing texts (2022 - Present)

  • This is definitely a big challenge for me since I never felt comfortable writing. But it felt necessary to start writing and mixing my study with more contemporary papers and sciences. 

My name is Patrick, I was born in Brazil in 1996, and I am currently living in Berlin. 
Not sure what else I should write about me here… 

Well, this is Me irl