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The Wish Catcher - Animation


“As a child everyone believed in a magical world. We were ignorant of the duties of the real world, growing up is a process of realisation...”

The World we created is very similar to our real world, yet different in one important aspect, It has a thin strip of water surrounding it. In this lake above the earth, there exist some small islands with houses on top. In them very special fishermen live. They have a simple life, but a very unique duty: they are the creators of shooting stars. They use this unique technique to catch wishes made by the people living in the world down below. The wish is then used as energy to light and heat the small houses.

We follow the story of a father bringing his son fishing for the first time. The kid is excited and overflowing with curious wonder. He sees his father swing his fishing rod and create a beautiful display of light, a shooting star. Soon, however, he discovers that the wishes he is fishing are from people like him, people who hope for something better in their lives. He then refuses to harvest that hope, he refuses to accept the rules that growing up obligate him and every child to do. Growing up is not only to know that Santa Klaus doesn’t exist, but what that means to the magical world you lived in.

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I am looking for an animator, please contact me if interested for a cooperation

Story - Script

No Place for Tears - Drama


"How would you find empathy in a violent household?”

Story - Script

We follow a night in the life of two brothers who share a hostile and abusive environment.
In the first part of this one-take film, we follow the perspective of Ivan the older brother, and how abusive his father is to him. However, after a violent act from Ivan we follow Adrian, the younger brother on his journey to find Empathy a feeling that is so rare in places like these.

Joe - Documentary

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Recording the life of a friend. 

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