Philosophy books read

PreSocratics (635 BC. - 440 BC.)

Socratics (464 BC. - 322 BC.)

A History of Greek Philosophy, Volume III: The Fifth- Century Enlightenment Part 2: Socrates

A History of Greek Philosophy, Volume IV: Plato: The Man and His Dialogues: Earlier Period

Plato: The Apology (Cambridge)

Plato: Crito

Plato: Laches

Plato: Charmides

Plato: Euthyphro

Plato: Hippias Minor and Major

Plato: Protagoras

Plato: Gorgias

Plato: The Republic (Penguin)

Plato: Symposium (Penguin)

Plato: Phaedrus (Penguin)

Plato Euthydemus

Plato: Menexenus

Plato: Cratylus

Plato: Critias

Plato: Philebus

Plato: Laws (Penguin)

Plato: Parmenides

Plato: Theatetus

Plato: Sophist

Plato: Statesman

Plato: Timaeus

Plato: Eryxias

Plato: Alcibiades I

Plato: Alcebides II

Aristotle: Categories and Interpretation (Oxford)

Aristotle: Prior Analytics + Logic (Oxford)

Aristotle: Metaphysics (Oxford)

Aristotle: Metaphysics (Penguin)

Aristotle: Physics (Oxford)

Aristotle: On Heavens

Aristotle: On Meteorology

Aristotle: On the Soul (Oxford)

Aristotle: On Perception and perceptible objects (Oxford)

Aristotle: On Memory and Recollection (Oxford)

Aristotle: On Dreams (Oxford)

Aristotle: On Prophecy through sleep (Oxford)

Aristotle: On Lenght and shortness of life (Oxford)

Aristotle: On Respiration (Oxford)

Aristotle: On Life and death (Oxford)

Aristotle: The Nicomachean Ethics (Oxford)

Aristotle: The Eudemian Ethics (Oxford)

Aristotle: Politics (Oxford)

Aristotle: The Art of Rhetoric (Oxford)

Aristotle: Poetics (Oxford)

Hesiod (pdf)

Phereccydes (pdf)

Thales of Miletus (pdf)

Pythagoras (pdf)

A History of Greek Philosophy Volume I: The Earlier Presocratics and the Pythagoreans

A History of Greek Philosophy Volume II: The Presocratics Tradition from Parmenides to Democritus

Other books read


The Bible: The Authorized King James Version with Apocrypha (Oxford)


Fyodor Dostoyevsky: Brothers Karamazov

Fyodor Dostoyevsky: Crime and Punishment

Fyodor Dostoyevsky: Memories of the underground Fyodor Dostoyevsky: Demons

Herman Hesse: Kurgast

Herman Hesse: Siddhartha

Shakespear: Otelo

Shakespeare: Hamlet

Joseph Conrad: Heart of Darkness

Kafka: The Castle

Osamu Dazai: No Longer Human

Yukio Mishima: The Sailor who fell from grace with the sea

Yasunari Kawabata: Snow Country

Lafcadio Hearn: Japanese Ghost Stories

Lewis Carrol: Alice in Wunderland and Through the Looking-Glass

Jon Krakauer: Into the Wild

George Orwell - Animal Revolution

Hellenistic (365 BC. - 180 AD.)

Sextus Empiricus: Outlines of Phyrrorrism

Diogenes: Saying and Anectodts (Oxford)

Stoicism: A very short introduction (Oxford)

Seneca: Dialogues and Essays (Oxford)

Epictetus: Discourses, Fragments, Handbook (Oxford)

Marcus Aurelius: Meditation (Oxford)

Lucretius: On the Nature of the Universe (Oxford)

Cicero: Selected Works (Penguin)

Medieval  philosophy (354 AD. - 1225)

Saint Augustine: Confessions (Oxford)

Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy (Oxford)

Aquinas: Selected Philosophical Writings. (Oxford)

Niccolò Machiavelli: The Prince (Oxford)

Michel de Montaigne: Essays (Penguin)

René Descartes: Meditations on First Philosophy (Oxford)

René Descartes: A Discourse on the Method (Oxford)

René Descartes:The Passions of the Soul and Other Late Philosophical Writings (Oxford)