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A path is what you decide to do with the notes you gather while reading. 

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By Philosopher

By Desolhar / Book list

Every time a philosopher mentions another philosopher, I add to a column. This way I can see better what was criticized, appreaces or mentioned in the content of that philosopher. 

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By Topic

By Desolhar / Book list

Every time I find a definition of a topic I am interested in, I add to this mind map structure. The more a definition is used, the further right it is pushed. 

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By Book

By Desolhar / Book list

Here I try to organize my understanding of the books I have read into a mind map. 

Create Your Path

A path is what you decide to do with the notes you gather while reading. 


Please consider giving feedback to the work we share here. Knowledge is best when shared. 

There is a comment option on the figma files. Feel free to comment everywhere and everything. 


If you're building your own path, share it with us so that we can learn from it as well. 

Use the form below to submit your paths, just make sure to use a figma file. This way we can better comment on it and share it. 


The main goal here is to develop the study of philosophy, so feel free to copy the works you see here and work over it.

Of course we appreciate if the work is not used to make money somehwere else. The idea is to keep this website free and the content as well. 


The focus is not on the volume, but on the content. Keep in mind there are no deadlines or grades, share your studies whenever you are ready to receive feedback. 

Upload your path

Thank you.

I will review the work and upload it here.

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