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The Conclusion

The Conclusion was generated having The Abstraction in mind. 
This sentence will be constantly changing when new books are studied and with the feedback received

 To accept and find harmony with reason 

Version 1 (Q1 2022)

The Abstraction

The Abstraction was generated having The Conversation in mind. 
The main words have been extracted and organized into groups. 
Every time a definition is repeated a new line with color is added in front of the word.


The Conversation

The Conversation was generated having The Research in mind. 
These sentences have been extracted from definitions found in Notes from the books I have read.


The Research

Download image to read texts

The Research is made with 90 Philosophical books from Thales to Descartes.
Editors of the books are mostly Oxford and Penguin. Some of them are pdf. 
The notes have the page and the book that it was found. 


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